Monday, April 26, 2010

Entertainment Today.

Hello again people. Now, as what we can see and realize, new singers and artists are coming out like fungus after the rain. and not to mention, the newbie in town got famous without much effort though. first we have Katy Perry who went towards the fame and glory in a blink of an eye, then we have the one and only Lady Gaga who rises up with all uniqueness that a girl can have, straight to the fame with ease(Lady Gaga is awesome btw), and then we have Kesha who Tik Tok-ing all the way up. as people are applausing to their arrival to the entertainment industries, some might think that it is too easy for them to get famous. well, we cant blame them for having awesome records though and plus magnificent stage performances and stuff, but that is how the industries are going right now. at least for the moment before it all turn back to the old ways. and, do you people notice that group artists are kinda losing it at this time??? i mean we can hardly heard songs from group artists boasting through the chart dont they?? Do you know where Pussycat Dolls at the moment or what is their latest song?(im sure most of u people dont know)but never mind, everything has its own moment of shine.


hello excited about expressing my thoughts and opinion here...hope got nice feedback soon...huhu


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