Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yuna & Fragrance?

Heloooo peeps. :) Well, me is a fan of a great artist, Yuna and truly is inspired by her (Yuna Insipred @ Astro Hitz). And the latest news I heard is Yuna will be launching fragrance of her own. Wooo... She is growing right? I've been checking Facebook lately and saw her status today saying that she can't wait for the launching of her new fragrance with Follow Me in 5 days time. For Yuna die-hard fans out there, do be aware of this big event as your idol will be releasing her own fragrance. A big congrats to Yuna for making it this far and i wish her all the best for her career in the future. Hope she's doing fine in America. :)

The Most Beautiful Smile :)

Yoona SNSD

Yoona from the famous Korean pop female group Girls' Generation was chosen to be the idol artist with the most beautiful smile. The Seoul's Jamsil Dentistry held a poll in November 20th to December 3rd and 712 participants were asked 'which idol star has the most beautiful smile'. Yoona received 49.4% votes out of the 712 participants(wooooooo) leaving the other two idol star; Nicole from Kara and Jiyeon from T-Ara behind. Congrats Yoona. For you readers, now tell me who do you think have the most beautiful smile among these three? Me,Yoona of course. Hehehe. Peace!

Nicole from Kara
Jiyeon from T-Ara

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lady Gaga is a copycat??

Hey there people. :)
As a fan of Lady Gaga, me myself were very suprise to see these videos that I would love to share with you guys. First of all, I thought Lady Gaga is a very talented and brave artist as no one had ever did anything like her before. But, apparently, I was wrong because there were few popular faces who had already did such thing like Gaga did. The only different between them and Gaga is that, Gaga made it hers and to be frank, I never ever notice that those artists ever wore anything like that. Huhu. But, I shall let you guys decide either you wanna think that Gaga is a copycat or not. To me, I'm not gonna say she is a copycat, but she is just inspired by them. Watch the videos and share your thoughts here people. Peace! :)

p/s:Anyway,fashion moves in a cycle. :)

Kung Fu Panda 2 : 100% SATISFACTION!

Hello people. :) The beginning of new semester is just around the corner and yes, I think I'm ready. A lil' bit of optimism doesn't hurt rite? Hehe. Okay, my friends and I went to GSC cinema Dataran Pahlawan yesterday to watch this awesome movie;Kung Fu Panda 2. Even though we didn't get the chance to watch in 3D, but all is forgiven because Kung Fu Panda 2 was awesome from the very beginning to the last minutes of it. First of all, yah, no doubt, it was super funny,can't stop laughing till now, super cool 3D animation, good story line,good fightings, and also there was a sad moment when baby Panda;Po was left by his mother. Almost cry on that one. Haha. Wanna read the synopsis, check this link out ok. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda_2

Okay, Kung Fu Panda 2 was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson(great job there buddy :)) with a total budget of USD150 million. Among famous voices in this movie are non-other than Jack Black himself as Po,the Dragon Warrior, Angelina Jolie as the Tiger, Michelle Yeoh as the Goat, Jackie Chan as the Golden Langur and Jean-Claude Van Damme as the Alligator. I gave this movie 5/5 stars! Total recommendation.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lady Gaga copied Girls' Generation's song??

OMG!I've been doing some video search on Youtube of the Girls' Generation and just speechless of what I found instead. This video is featuring song 'Born This Way' from Lady Gaga and 'Be Happy' from Girls' Generation. Lady Gaga is claimed to copy Girls' Generation's 'Be Happy' song and make it her own with the popular track 'Born This Way'. By listening to both songs, I can't deny the fact that the similarities are there.

Fuhh. It is hard to believe that Lady Gaga, the talented pop megastar actually did such thing. Such a turn off. But, however, it is not proven that Lady Gaga had copied the song or whatsoever. Why don't you guys give it a listen and decide for yourself okay?

p/s: I'm a big fan of both Lady Gaga and Girls' Generation. So,don't really mind if they share the song.Hehe.But I'm also against copying without permission.That would be stealing.

Thor - The BEST Action Movie EVER!

Hello again people. I would like to share with you guys another great movie that I've watched. Okay. Maybe it is too late to share about Thor but I couldn't help it. Huhu. To me, there is only one word that can describe Thor in total:AWESOME! Thor was great from the very beginning(even I missed the beginning a lil' bit) until the very end. Thor is the only super hero movie that can actually give me vibes when I watch it.
Thor is the God of Thunder according to the movie and lives in the planet of Asgard. Thor was sent to Earth after he did a wrong action by his father, the King. Living among the human made Thor to has the value of a true King.
Among the cast of Thor is Chris Hensworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Tom Hindelson as Loki,Thor's brother.
I rated this movie 5/5 as it is full with action, humour, good story line and good actors and actresses. Total recommendation for you guys. Peace. :)


So far, I've only watched 3 3D movies which are Resident Evil:Afterlife, Tron and Priest. Among this three movies, Priest 3D falls second best 3D movie I've ever watched. Priest was full of action, you know, as the story is about human versus vampires and a total recommendation for action movie lovers. Basically, the story is about Priest, the warrior among humans who fights vampires that attack humankind. After the war is over, the Priests are left behind and no longer considered important. However, the vampires strike back and destroyed few cities there are. And then the Priests come out to fight the vampires once again.
The main Priest was played by Paul Bettany(I never heard of him before) but he played the character very well and credit to Maggie Q also for her good acting playing the Priestess.
Priest, directed Scott Steward was an awesome movie and a total satisfaction for me. I rated this movie 4/5. Brilliant. For those who hasn't watch it, be sure you make it to the cinema near you. :)

p/s:For better experience, make sure you watch Priest in 3D. :)

Jessie J. is a copycat??

Hello cute readers. :) Today morning I woke up a bit early than usual to settle some stuff. So, due to that, I got the chance to listen to the morning crew on the radio(it's been a while -.-). One interesting gossip that I heard on the radio this morning is Jessie J., the singer who got famous for the song 'Price Tag' is a copycat. The popular single 'Price Tag' is similar to tween pop, Miley Cyrus's 'Party in the USA'. HOT!
So, after listening to the news, I gave that 'Price Tag' song another listen and to be frank, Yah, the song does has similarities, quite a lot of similarities with 'Part in the USA'.Bur, how far the claim is true, you decide it for yourself. Give it a listen here people and tell me what do you feel. Peace. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively is dating?

Hello my cute readers. :) According to the source, Leonardo DiCaprio, the famous Titanic actor is said to date the Gossip Girls star, Blake Lively. WOOOOOO...HOT! Looks like Giselle had lost Leonardo for good now or shall I say, Leonardo has moved on.
Even though the relationship has not yet be confirmed by both, as Leonardo refuses to comment on his personal life and Lively's rep didn't return the calls, but the picture can speak on behalf of both. Why don't you people take a look on this picture and decide for yourself. :)

p/s:I just think Lively is too young for Leonardo. :p

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Special Entry : LOVE

Love, to me is very subjective
to me it is something so pure,
something special,
connection between two people.

It is funny how sometimes,
we might fall in love with someone with reason we can't even find,
fall in love with strangers,
fall in love at the first sight.

But, love is something that we can't define,
as love has its own definition,
differs from a person to another.

I don't need reason to love someone,
I don't need to pay to fall in love.

Love means letting go,and if he/she ever returns to you,
he/she is yours.
if not,he/she is never yours.
I've learn that to love someone is not simple,
is not easy,
is not minor,
is not funny,
but commitment.

Love means trust,
without trust,
relationship means nothing,
it is not pure,
it is full of doubts,
negative thoughts.
Learn to trust your partner,or else,
be ready to live in doubts.
TRUST is the main key.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Chocolate for Gaga's Fans

Hello people and hello Gaga's fans. The megastar, Lady Gaga is a very thoughtful celebrity when she gave her fans autograph, poses for pictures and also hot chocolate. These all happen when Gaga sees her fans waiting for hours just to get a glimpse of her leaving the hotel at London. As London is quite cold, I think that hot chocolate really comes in handy and the fact that it is from Gaga, it is just priceless. Don't you think? Huhu.

Source: Perezhilton.com

Mr.Taxi music video released!

Girls' Generation has done it again people! With the released of the latest single, Mr. Taxi's music video, it shows that the popularity of this cute Korean artist is unstoppable. Mr. Taxi is full of cute girls(duhh), catchy tunes, seductive and addictive dance moves and nice video editing. :) I always love to see the editing of the music video of Girls' Generation as it is perfectly done to me. First of all, this video features the girls in two set of outfits, yellow and black which I can see the design is inspired by the Taxi drivers' outfit. I give 5 stars for the dance and the 4 starts for the video in total. The only thing that I want to comment is that, I think the video will be better if there is a story in the video. U know,Taeyeon want to get on a taxi or whatsoever.Huhu. But, all in all, I just love this video. Watch it here peeps. Peace!

p/s:Been watching this video non-stop. Truely addictive.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rebecca Black "Friday" - Katy Perry cover

"It's Friday, Friday..gotta get down on Friday"..Huhu...Have you guys heard the famous Friday song by Rebecca Black? You know, the song with the most dislikes on Youtube? Yah, that one. Despite the fact that the song receives the most dislikes ever, there are popular artists who accept the song quite positively. This time, its Katy Perry's turn. Katy's version is a lot easier to the ears and very soothing. I felt peace when I listen to her version of the song. :) Wanna listen? Listen it here people. Peace!

p/s: last time, Nick Jonas did the cover. So, which one u prefer the most? Katy's, Nick's or the original one? U decide :P

Girls' Generation Latest Single "MR. TAXI" released!

Hello peeps! Done with my research, at least for the time being and I feel like updating my blog. Huhu. Okay, this new entry is about the latest single from the popular Girls' Generation or SNSD which is Mr. Taxi. Thanks to my friend Akhma, I came to know the existence of this new song. Huhu. I am always a fan of the Girls' Generation, so, whatever song from this female group is always my favourite. Mr. Taxi is of course not the exception. Again, Girls' Generation does fulfills my Kpop thirst as it is funky, up-to-beat, cute and every nice words you can say to describe the song. Why don't you guys give it a listen and tell me how do you guys feel okay? Peace!


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