Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Top 10 Female Butt Kicker

1. Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is the definite number one butt kicker on the silver screen. Starring Resident Evil movie franchise as the main character, Alice, Milla has been kicking countless of butts for 10 years. She also starred in the movie "UltraViolet". This girl is not one to be messed with for sure!

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a HUGE name in Hollywood and she has been known her butt kicker reputation which made her at number two on this list. Starring movies including Mr&Mrs Smith, Tomb Raider, Salt and Wanted shows her ability in kicking butt and still playing it sexy.

3. Kate Beckinsale

This vampire has been starring the Underworld movie franchise as the lead character and is very familiar in butt kicking arena. Kate Beckinsale is at number three for giving a good acting as vampire and her fighting scenes are amazingly convincing.

4 Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez might not be the lead character in most butt kicking movies but she will definitely be acting in those movies. Her tough appearance really suits her as butt kicker and being the Umbrella soldier in Resident Evil shows how well Michelle can kick butt!

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the prettiest face in Hollywood and also one of the prettiest butt kicker around. Starring the Fantastic Four franchise and few other action movies like Spy Kids and Sin City, Jessica Alba is standing strong at number 5.

6. Michelle Yeoh

Being a Miss Malaysia/Universe doesn't means that you cannot do some action roles and that is what being proven by Michelle Yeoh. Michelle Yeoh has been starring the James Bond as Bond Girls and also kung-fu butt kicking people in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

7. Halle Berry

Halle Berry is very synonym to her X-Men alter ego, Storm who butt kicked people without even touching them. Starring movies including The Catwoman, this girl has a reputation of butt kicking those who misbehave and that earns her a spot at number 7.

8. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is Hollywood A-lister and she shined bright as the cute agent in Charlie's Angel. Kicking butt is never funnier that this. She made butt kicking seems easy and fun to do. 

9. Jennifer Garner

Gained popularity as an agent in tv series "Alias" as Sydney, Jennifer Garner has been making names by kicking butt, literally. Apart from that, she also starred "Elektra" the spin-off of "Daredevil".

10. Paula Patton

Paula Patton is known for her butt kicking role but the role that made her to the list is in the movie Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol. As a cover agent, she did an amazing, convincing job and that gained her a spot at number 10.

Zayn Malik and Sex Affair

Zayn Malik, the member of the popular UK boyband, One Direction is not as innocent as he should be. A waitress called Courtney Webb opens up about her night with Zayn Malik and she is not even his girlfriend. According to Courtney, they met in DSTRKT nightclub and Zayn took her back to his house after Zayn claimed that he is single. It must be pretty hard for Zayn's fans to believe this but Courtney also gave a full detail about Zayn's house. 

She reveals:
"It was amazing. When you came into the reception there's a big cylinder with a spiral staircase. He had remote control cars and skateboards floating around the house to play with. There was a Star Wars mask that one of the girls tried on and there was a life-size Kung Fu Panda under his stairs. It was a fun house. He was a really nice guy. We were talking about music and playing songs on his iPad. He even gave me a maroon jumper when I was cold. He was drinking vodka and we were having a laugh. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he said he didn't. He said he wanted to enjoy being 20. Zayn made me feel special… but after sex he just said, 'Put your clothes on, I'll get you a taxi'.

Courtney also snaps few pictures of Zayn's sleeping after their "great moment" together.


Lastly Courtney concluded:
"He's an absolute sh*t. How dare he - not only to me but to Perrie? I'm not a One Direction fan. I don't follow what they are up to. When it clicked that he had a girlfriend I got more and more angry. I definitely don't think it's the first time he's done this. I feel sorry for Perrie - she doesn't know this is going on. It's wrong and it has to stop."

So what else can I say? Zayn Malik totally lost his mind for cheating on his girlfriend, Perrie Edward. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Nicki Minaj's Wigs Specialist Quit

Nicki Minaj and wigs are inseparable. She even had one wigs specialist to design and managed all of her wigs but now she no longer have one. Nicki's wig specialist, Terrence called it quit after having few fights about the wigs with Nicki Minaj. Well that actually explains why Nicki Minaj didn't wear wigs during American Idols Live shows isn't it? I would say I love her more without her crazy wigs because she looks stunning with her own hair like on the American Idol. So Terrence, you actually quit at the right time. Haha. Let's recap few wigs of Nicki shall we?

Around The World with Mizz Nina and Jay Park

Mizz Nina, our very own amazing artist is back with new single "Around The World" featuring Korean superstar Jay Park! This collaboration is 5 stars as it goes super well. I love Mizz Nina and of course I love this new single as well. Here is what I think. This song is a very cool song, it is easy on the ear, catchy lyrics and international. Some parts of this song actually reminds me of Nicki Minaj "Starships" and that is a compliment. Anyway for those of you who haven't hear it yet, click the play button down here and just enjoy the music. You won't regret! PEACE!

p/s: #ZTEAM

Justin Bieber Booed in London

Justin Bieber made the headlines for being booed by fans in London! This is all because of his bad attitude of being late leaving thousands of fans waiting like crazy in his concert in London. The concert was scheduled at 8.30PM and Carly Rae Jepsen did the opening for the concert until somewhere around 9.15PM. Justin Bieber was supposed to perform at 9.30PM but he didn't show up until 10.30PM! That is 1 hour wasted. Seeing most of his fans are school students so of course curfew is a big concern for the fans and maybe that what drives them crazy. Bieber did apologize for saying that he is only 40 minutes late as the opening act suppose to take longer time but Bieb, 40 minutes is long so you are still late.

p/s:Tsk tsk tsk.

Britney's Vegas Gig is ON!

Britney Spears is confirmed to be performing in Vegas in between two choices of casinos both under Ceaser's Entertainment. Her manager, Rudolph made it clear to us when he finally confirmed that the deal is on for Britney Spears. I'm expecting to see Britney Spears topping the chart as Highest Paid Female Artists of 2013 as the deal is said to be a lucrative $100 million, rumors are it could be way more than that! So bye bye X-Factor USA and Hello Sin City!


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