Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nicki Minaj New Video "Starships" Released!

Holla holla holla! Peeps, Nicki Minaj, the world current most famous female rapper has finally released her highly anticipated music video for "Starships"! This music video has been released the last two days back and to date (28th/4) has reached more than 1 million views already. The numbers are quite a downturn but nevermind that, surely few days more, the video will receive more and more views. Okay, let's talk about the music video. This video was shot at the beach, following the song's rap quote "let's go the the beach-ech..." and Nicki can be seen rocking few sexy sets of bikinis! Warning to those faint-hearted,you might wanna strengthen yourself before watching. Huhu. There's a UFO in the beginning which I'm not sure what it means and fire in the video. Overall, I can say I expected more of the videos, ya know, better shots, better choreographs and stuff but this video seems to lack in things. But then, it doesn't hinder the fact that I enjoyed watching the video. Have I mentioned how sexy Nicki is in the video? You guys really should see it for yourself. Just click the video down here and enjoy the show. :)


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