Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nude Photos: Carly's Hacker Pleads Guilty

Poor Carly Rae Jepsen for getting her computer hacked. Even worst, the hacker even spread out her nude photos! Lucky for Carly, the hacker was caught by the authority and without hesitation, charged by Carly immediately. However, the hacker, Christopher David Long pleads guilty to charges of mischief and possession of stolen property beforehand. Well, case solved I supposed.

Leona Lewis Live on X-Factor Arabia. Amazing performances!

Hello peeps. It's no secret that I have been a huge fan of Leona Lewis since she started on X-Factor back in 2006. So I came across her recent performances on X-Factor Arabia singing her most popular song ever; Bleeding Love and Trouble. You guys saw her sing and this time, she is on the piano playing while singing! She was amazing then and she is still now. Enjoy peeps!

Kelly Clarkson New Music Video "People Like Us"

Kelly Clarkson's latest music video to date is out now on her VEVO channel just 8 hours ago. In this music video, Kelly Clarkson act as a scientist who turn herself from her colleagues to help one girl who is being experimented on to escape. The rest you have to watch for yourself okay. Peace!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Island Getaway For Mizz Nina and hubby, Noh.

After her amazing "Around The World" concert, Mizz Nina and hubby, Noh opt for some island getaway. According to Mizz Nina from her tweets, she is now currently in Pulau Tioman on a little vacation after a month of training for her first solo concert happened just recently.  I just wanna wish her a great vacation and have a great time there in Tioman. :) For those Mizz Nina lovers out there, you may follow her Instagram for some amazing photos of her getaway with Noh. Peace!


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