Friday, December 19, 2014


Leona Lewis, one of the best voices on the planet teases her "bunnies"(her fans) for what is coming in 2015 with a video she posted on her Instagram and Facebook account today. The "Bleeding Love" singer posted the video with a caption "Getting ready for 2015" drives her bunnies into a music frenzy as the song sang by Leona in the video is really something else. Leona, who is now under a new record label is set to release a new album which will be her first after departing from SyCo Entertainment. The coming album will be her fourth studio album and is set to be "the" album for her comeback to the pop music chart. As Glassheart, her 3rd studio album did not do really well in figures, the new album with a new record label probably will be the turning point for Leona's career. May 2015 be the year of Leona Lewis once again. :)

Click here to see the video:


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