Saturday, December 1, 2012

Will.I.Am "Scream N Shout" Music Video Featuring Pop Queen Britney Spears

Will.I.Am has released the anticipated music video of his new single "Scream and Shout" that features the queen of pop, Britney Spears. Much has been said about this song and about the video which among the comments on Youtube are; "Goodbye Gangnam Style, Hello Scream n shout", "Queen of pop is back" and many more. But, I can see that Britney Spears is somewhat greater influence in this song whereas people keep on talking about her rather than Will.I.Am. Basically Will.I.Am chose a very good singer to collaborate with but yah, he has been overshadowned by Britney in this song. SO, this music video is simple, very Will.I.Am typical and is very enjoyable to watch. Certainly it will be among the best collaboration of 2012. PEACE!

p/s: Watch the video here and tell me what you think ok?


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