Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leona Lewis new single "Trouble"

The most successful X-Factor UK star is back with a brand new single called "Trouble". This new single from Leona Lewis is the result of collaboration with US rapper,Childish Gambino which means you can expect a rap break in the song. This "Trouble" is like other Leona's songs which is full of emotions and feels. Written by Emeli Sande, it is set to be released on October 7, a week before her third studio album, "Glassheart" which will finallybe released on October 15 after a lot of delays since 2011.

Basically, "Trouble" is about love going all bad and become destructive. But what better is for you guys to give it a listen yourself. So click the play button down here and enjoy. PEACE!

Katy Perry Turns Down $20 Million Offer To Be American Idol Judge

Katy Perry, one of the current most popular artist in the world has confirmed action of turning down the delicious $20 million offer to fill the seat as American Idol Judge. The show's producer was hotly pursuing Katy Perry to join the show as judge and really wants Katy to be on the show but however ended up with a turn down from her. Rumour has it that Katy Perry wants $30 million instead of $20million to be the show's judge but how far it is true is yet to be confirmed. 

Miley Cyrus also can be eliminated from the list of potential judge of the American Idol as she was never seriously consider the offer. For that, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are said to have come to a close deal to be the next American Idol judge but it is yet to be confirmed as well. The only celeb confirmed to join the show as judge is Mariah Carey which earns $2 million short compared to Katy Perry's $20 million offer.

Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Perfume

Hollywood celebrities and fragrance line is no strangers. Loads of celebs from Britney Spears, J.Lo, P.Diddy to even Justin Bieber has ventures into fragrance industry and show success. This year, Lady Gaga unveiled her own fragrance last few months and this time, Nicki Minaj is brilliantly following the footsteps. 

The word has it that Nicki Minaj has unveils her first debut fragrance called "Pink Friday" and the words are true. Nicki Minaj tweeted to her millions of Barbz on Twitter unveiling the look of the fragrance bottle which is for me, probably the most unique bottle of fragrance ever (even Gaga's not as unique). The fragrance, which according to Nicki "smells like angels playing" is nicely contained by a bottle that can be said as "Little Nicki" as the bottle is designed to resembles Nicki Minaj herself. 

Together with the signature pink wig and a golden "Nicki Minaj" necklace, this fragrance is set to release on September at Macy's retailers and fans are confident the fragrance will be sold out. Looking at Nicki's popularity, I say I agree.

Zayn Malik says "Goodbye Twitter"

So it has been told that Zayn Malik, the member of the popular teen group 1 Direction has deleted his twitter account. Zayn Malik tweeted the reason for him to delete his twitter account saying that "The reason I don't tweet as much as I used  to, is because I'm sick of all useless opinions and hate I get daily. Goodbye Twitter". 

He also tweeted "Fans that have something to say can tweet me on the one direction account".

Seeing the reason Zayn deleting his twitter is pretty much the same with Nicki Minaj, who deleted her twitter account on April but later returned to the famous microblogging site over a week after. Nicki Minaj deleted her twitter after a row of fans leaked snippets of her new album. Miley Cyrus also deleted her twitter account in 2009.

However, the good thing is for his millions of fans, Zayn Malik has returned to Twitter not long after deleting it. Fans have been tweeting and mentioning Zayn about how glad they are that Zayn has returned back to Twitter. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nicki Minaj: The New Face Of Pepsi

Nicki Minaj is set to make millions of dollars this year when she has officially signed as the new face for Pepsi new beverage. Pepsi is set to launch new beverage called "Pop" and Nicki Minaj will be the official face for the drink. According to Forbes.com, Nicki has made it to the Hip-Hop Cash Kings' List last year with a whooping $6.5 million that made her the first female rapper who ever made it to the list. Well seeing the big deal with Pepsi, we can sure to expect her account money to bulge this year. Nicki Minaj is surely doing very well in her career thanks to her millions of Barbz around the globe. Congrats to her.PEACE!

p/s: Be sure not to be naughty again Nicki. ;)

Lady Gaga New Album : ARTPOP

Hey fellas.
ARTPOP, a simple word that would mean so much as it will be given a new definition from Mother Monsters, Lady Gaga. So Lady Gaga tweeted her picture with a new tattoo of "ARTPOP" located underneath her left arm with caption "ARTPOP" all caps. She also tweeted urging the people when mentioning her upcoming new album/project with all words capitalized as she says it's all in the details. There you have it. The title of her new upcoming album but what can we expect to see from her new album? But from the wall of her own social networking site, LittleMonsters.com,the word ARTPOP could mean Artistic Revolution Through The Potential Of Pop but it is not confirmed. You know she just won't make it easy for you to guess right? After all, I know no artists who could make bigger and successful gimmicks than her so she will keep us guessing. From what I can predict from Lady Gaga's previous moves, maybe this new album will be more lively than "Born This Way". Maybe Gaga will even try a new genre of pop. But we can all guess but nothing is confirmed till Lady Gaga herself clear things up. Whatever it is, I'm sure this new album will be top album. No doubting that. PEACE!

p/s: Let's see whether songs from this album can beat Carly's Call Me Maybe as the longest  #1 streak on Billboard Hot 100 for female singer from Interscope. :p

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anorexic Miley?

Hello hello hello again peeps. So I've been surfing the net for news and stuff and this is what I found. Miley Cyrus tweeted the picture of herself flaunting her new flat stomach. From what I can see, the new lean body of Miley Cyrus is just another way of saying that "I'm now an official anorexic". Haha.Why I say so? Well take a look at her arm. I think we can actually count her bones right? So skinny. It's has been reported that Miley has been hitting the gym for getting the lean body and maybe she has been too obsessed about being skinny right. Oh ya, she also tweeted the pictures for her fans to judge whether she is having a flat stomach or not.But from what I can see she practically no longer have one.Haha. Take a look at these photos and decide for yourself ya. PEACE!!

Second Britney Spears Tribute on Glee.

Hello peeps. So I heard the news that Glee, the popular musical show on Fox is said to have the second Britney Spears Tribute on the second episode of the new season of Glee. The new season will start right after the screening of the new season of X-Factor USA as the source stated. Logically I think it is a good thing to do for Glee to have the second tribute episode for Britney Spears seeing that the show earns their highest view rating when the first tribute to Britney Spears was aired. People have been criticizing this tribute saying that there is a lot more artists who deserve the second tribute as compared to Britney Spears such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. But for m clearly Britney has more influence on the masses nowadays. After all she is the 5th most followed celebs on Twitter. :) 

p/s: Let's see whether this tribute will earn Glee the highest rating again shall we? LOL.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen Beats Lady Gaga!

Hey, I just saw this, and it's crazy. So here is the news, so read it maybe? Haha. Okay that was a lame intro I know but I can't help it. :p Okay, as the title says Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian Sweetheart who voiced the addictive "Call Me Maybe" tunes has apparently beats Lady Gaga, the queen of pop! In what department you might ask? In "the longest streak at #1" department it is! Carly, a fellow artist of Lady Gaga who also signed with Interscope has defeated Lady Gaga's record as the female singer under Intersope to hold the most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Carly's "Call Me Maybe" has broke the record of "Born This Way" which made it at #1 for six weeks when it has logged in week 7th as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In accordance to that, Mother Monster tweeted on her Twitter warning Carly that she is coming for her on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Carly is yet to respond but fellow Interscope star, Adam Levine has responded to the tweet by tweeting "Why she calls he Maybe, Carly is a nice name". Emmmmm, fishy right? So seeing Lady Gaga tweeted that she is coming for Carly, I think in the near time Lady Gaga will release a new single for that. Anyway, I think Carly is such a darling with cute music but Gaga, you are best at what you are doing. No need to feel threatened I guess. Haha. Peace!


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