Monday, September 19, 2011

Fright Night - Good Horror Comedy Movie's been a while since the last time I did Movie Review in this blog. Haven't been watching movies lately. Okay, lucky me, these few days back, me and my friends went for a lil escapade from boredom and we went to watch movie. No planning, just pick a random movie based on the posters. Huhu. Fright Night grabbed our attention and we went to watch this movie. At first, my friends and I thought that this is a horror movie, based on the poster but apparently it is a horror comedy movie. Never mind the genre, we went to watch it(tickets already bought,duhhh). Here is a little synopsis of this movie. It is about a vampire who live in a neighborhood and killing the people in that area for blood, the rest you have to watch okay? :p
This is a very nice movie, horror but comedy at the same time. My friends and I enjoyed it very much, we laughed and also terrified throughout the movie. I rate this movie 3.5/5 peeps. PEaCE!

p/s:the vampire is quite veteran but still is a hot dude. :p

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rihanna: The New Face of Armani

Rihanna has been chosen to be the new face for Armani replacing the Megan Fox's place in that well-known fashion line. Few pictures of Rihanna posing for the new line or Armani's underwear have been released to the world and seeing those pictures, Rihanna looks sizzling hot! Rihanna is so lucky to be chosen as the new face of Armani after two big names, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham and I shall say that Armani is not doing the wrong thing by chosing Rihanna cuz Rihanna is so popular nowadays. For more pictures of Rihanna's Armani Underwear photos, click here. PEACE!

p/s: I much prefer to see Megan Fox's in underwear btw. :p

Special Entry: The Capital R and Twitter :D

Hey peeps. Tonite I feel like updating my blog for you guys here but unfortunately I don't have any idea yet. Haha. Shame on me I know. So, just for the sake of updating, I made this special entry to share with you guys that Raflurv(me of course) is now on Twitter. Haha. LOL! I am no longer a Facebook-er cuz I've deactivated mine last month and now, the only social network that I'm on is Twitter. So, for my cute readers here, come and follow my Twitter for the latest update of The Capital R ok. Hehe. PEACE!

p/s: Let's tweet, tweet! :p

Thursday, September 15, 2011

SNSD's Hyoyeon Is No Longer Having A Crush!

Member of Girls' Generation, Hyoyeon has made a shocking reveal to the world when she personally revealed in a variety show called "Strong Heart" that she has given up on the male idol she once had a crush on. Hyoyeon said, “I said that there was a male idol that I secretly liked the last time I was here, but I don’t anymore.” Hyoyeon continued, “I confidently confessed with an innocent intent, but that person somehow figured out it was him. After that, his actions changed. My ideal type shattered. [He's] not it anymore.” She later then revealed some more that she went for a blind-date arranged by a friend and said that she had a good time with the guy. However, due to an embarrassing incident at the restaurant, she is know no longer in contact with that guy. How pityful rite? Huhu. Anyway, to Hyoyeon, I believe when the time comes you will find the right guy to be by your side till the last breath. For that, I wish you all the best Hyoyeon. :)


p/s: I have one friend who like you Hyoyeon. Wanna get to know him? :p

Top 10 Best Vocalists

Hello again peeps. This time I wanna share with you guys the top 10 best vocalists in the music industry from my own perspective and yah, capability of them delivering song in front of live audience with live vocals. I've been watching videos of several great singers in the world and these 10 names are the one who leave me breathless and speechless listening to their great vocals. Some of the performances also gave me goose bumps. So, here are the top 10 vocalists peeps. ENJOY!

This X-Factor winner is undoubtedly a very talented singer. For people who say Leona sounds terrible, seriously dude, there is something wrong with your ears. Better go check okay? Leona Lewis never disappoint me every time, she always deliver! I got goose bumps several times hearing Leona singing "Run" live at X-Factor. Surely is the best vocalist to me! :)

American Idol Season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson is another vocal powerhouse in music world. She is undoubtedly can sing live, and she sing live perfectly dude. There is this one moment when my roommate, Azril asked me to listen to Kelly singing live in one of her concert. I certainly was blown away by her voice, I even think I was listening to a recording! Great vocal Kelly! :)

Who in Malaysia dare to say Jaclyn Victor is a terrible singer? I bet there is none cuz she is SO far from one. Our own Malaysian Idol here is a fresh of new air to the entertainment world of Malaysia and her voice is undeniably incredible. "Gemilang" proves that Jaclyn is one of the ultimate vocal in Malaysia and I bet very little singers in the world reach the pitch Jaclyn can reach. :)

If anybody disagree with this choice, I just don't have anything to say. You need help like seriously. Huhu. Celine is the Best Selling Artist in the world and she made it that far just because of her amazingly incredible voice, till now. Celine Dion is an icon when it comes to great vocals.

This is another Best Selling Artist in the world following Celine Dion very closely. I've seen few videos of Mariah performing live and I was amazed by it. With that rare 'whistle' voice very little can do, Mariah is undeniably a true diva.

Anybody don't know "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" song? Well, if you know it but you don't know whose voice is it, the voice belongs to this man people. Steven Tyler has a very great vocal that I personally envy and salute. It wowed me every time!

Listening to Avenged Sevenfold songs is always exciting, ya know, to try to copy M Shadows voice but never succeed. Huhu. Then, I watched M Shadows performs live during one of Avenged Sevenfold's concerts and my first impression was "I'm willing to pay for his concert's ticket" cuz I can't help but blown away by his voice. M Shadows rocks dude!!

Lady Gaga wowed me several times. The first time was when I saw she performed live at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gaga delivered "Poker Face" and she sang while playing the piano in a very awkward position! She stood on the chair and bowed to piano, played it and sang people! Gaga gave me goose bumps when I watched her performs "You and I" on The View. I just love her voice!

Fergie made me realized that she possesed a great vocal when I saw her performs in a concert that was aired on National TV where she sang "Baracuda" song. I was really amazed by her vocal projection and she also did a backflip while singing! Then was when I really approved that Fergie is a great singer!

This rival of Britney Spears(if they still are) is never in the losing side when it comes to vocal and live singing. Christina Aguilera possess one of the great vocal in the world that made her name being included in the top 50 of the best vocalists of all time in Rolling Stone. I only got one word, AGREE!

Twilight VS Vampire Diaries

The battle this time is very obvious right? But for those who don't know, it is about the battle of vampires series. Twilight is a very popular movie franchise nowadays with astonishing number of followers while Vampire Diaries is a drama series about, again, vampires of course and also with quite a number of followers. The obvious similarity of these two eye candy is of course, beside it both features vampires in it, is the fighting between two guys in order to get the love of the heroin. How cliche but still, lots of followers. Edward and Jacob fighting over Bella while Damon and Stefan fighting over Elena. Hurmmm.. Due to the fact that both are almost the same, which vampire that you prefer the most? Is it Twilight or is it Vampire Diaries? Share it with me here peeps. PEACE!

p/s: I don't really follow these two but my money is on Twillight. :)

Top 10 Break-Up Songs

Hello my cute readers!!! Wah, it's been a very long time since the last time I lay my hands on my beloved blog! Miss it so much! Sorry for the inconvenience k readers. I don't get the chance to on9 this few weeks because of tests and hell lot of assignments. Urghh!!! But, never mind that, I have prepared juicy entries for all of ya. This time I made a research on the most popular break up songs that people love to hear at the time they break up(duhhhh). So, these are the top 10 of the Break-Up songs peeps. ENJOY!

This song by Taylor Swift has been awarded the Choice Break-Up Song at the Teen Choice Award lately and I got to say that I am totally agree with it. I think the lyrics were perfect for a break up song and the story line can be felt by the listeners. For those who is undergoing the breakup phase, try giving this song a listen and I assure you will feel the chills. :)

This is another sad breakup song that I really like. The lyrics is full of disappointment and from the song, it shows that the girl is still in love with the boy but she is willing to let go of him because she don't wanna get hurt anymore.

Break up songs do not mean that the girl need to mourn over the boy for leaving her, but sometime the boy needs to cry over the girl too. And that is what being told in this song. The song is about a girl got dump by her boy and then her boy wants her back but nah, she has moved on and the boy gotta cry her out. How tragic. Huhu.

When the lies are more often than love, that is when people will get over the relationship. Through this song, the girl is over the boy from every perspective she can find and leave him before he leaves her. Well, that's life right? Anyway, lovely song! :)

Another sad song that portrays how a boy plays with a lot of girls' feeling at a time and the girl finds out about it. This is the perfect break up song for those who is breaking up because the partner is cheating with another person. Nice lyrics and nice music video!

When you have been with that one person for quite sometimes and it is you first love, it must be really hard to let go right? But when the time comes that you need to let go, you just have to do it or else your relationship won't go anywhere. That is what being shared through this song. How sad! :(

Being alone is not always bad. it gives you more time to focus to yourself(optimistic). Kelly Clarkson gives her all out in this song that she is fine without the not-so-useful boyfriend. Better of alone rather than being with a jerk right? This song is perfect for those who wants to move on. :)

This break up song is about the girl that is over her boy for his undying lies and she asks the boy to leave when the boy wants her back. Sorry dude, she has moved on. Go find another girl to play with. Huhu. Also a good song fro those who wants to move on.

According to my friends, Anis and Azril, this is a very sad song. The girl is still in love with the guy, her ex-boyfriend but the boy is now married. So, she wished him a best of luck and hope that the guy will never forget her and hopefully one day, she will finds someone like her ex-boyfriend. How sad! :(

This song is about, this time a guy, having a thought that the girl is playing his heart with another guy (Ouchh Britney). With that, now he said, it is the time for the girl to cry over him.THis song might not sound sad but the lyrics does hurt those who is connected. You bet it is!

p/s: Most of the songs are from the girls because I think emotional songs are better sung by the girls.PEACE! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super Junior Alert! Shindong is now thin!

Hey peeps.
Do you know that chubby member of "Super Junior" Shindong? Well, you might kiss that good bye now as Shindong is no longer the old chubby Shindong but is now a SLIMdong as people are saying. Huhu. Shindong, through his diet has successfully reduced a total of 32.5 pounds from his original mass and now is as cute as other Super Junior members. Shindong released pictures of him with his new figures and mushroom haircut on the internet and seeing those pictures, yah, he looks a lot cuter and a lot younger. Like that members of SHINee don't you think? Huhu. Anyway, congratulations to Shindong for being slimmer. PEACE!

p/s' Guess the other members of Super Junior are now feeling threatened by Shindong's new figure rite? Rite Siwon? :p

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girls' Generation - Bad Girl Music Video. NICE!

I've been a lil bit late for posting this but I don't care, still wanna post it. :p On the last 10th August 2011, the SMTOWN has released the official music video for "Bad Girl" from the first Japanese album of the Girls' Generation on Youtube. Seeing this music video, it is like watching a continuation from the "Run Devil Run" music video. To justify the title of the song, members of the Girls' Generation are all dressed up in rebellious kinda outfit, more to biker style and flaunt the bad side of theirs. They are so cute in those outfits. You know, to see the cute Taeyeon try to evoke bad. Hehe. You're to cute for that Taeyeon. :p But, still, the video is not a disappointment for sure. SO far, the video has raked over 4.5 million views since its release and I can say that, 4.5 million views in just a month, that is impressive. For the fans who still haven't watched it, watch it here okay? PEACE!

Nicki Minaj Releases Music Video of "Fly" featuring Rihanna

Few days back, Nicki Minaj finally revealed her music video of "Fly" featuring Rihanna. "Fly" is a brand new single from Nicki Minaj and this song is to me, can be regarded as an inspiring song with lyrics like "I came to win, to survive....". "Fly" is a very nice song, plus it featured the popular Rihanna to sing the chorus so this song just can't go wrong. Huhu. I love the music video of this song, it is nicely done, with a nice set, nice video editing and cinematography, nice effects, nice drama and nice outfits. I love the fighting scene between Nicki and the ninja-looking guys in black. Just shows us that Nicki is here to stay for years to come. But, as usual, Nicki's outfits are very Gaga-ish, weird-looking outfits, very not common to human but Nicki pull it off. She carries the outfits just nice, at par with Gaga. I think this song is gonna win the Best Collaboration of the year just like "Love The Way You Lie". The interesting fact about to this music video is, Katy Perry herself tweeted Nicki Minaj saying how she loves the music video. Awwwwww! How sweet of Katy Perry rite? Maybe Katy and Nicki should work together in the future. Huhu. Anyway peeps, enjoy watching the video here okay? PEACE!

Britney Spears Can Sing Live! Here are the proofs!

Being bored late at night has made me browsing for videos on the Youtube and suddenly I felt like browsing videos of Britney Spears. There are a lot of voices out there pointing out how Britney Spears cannot sing live but this video I found here is a proof that, Britney Spears is not that lame; you know, to lip synch in every performance she in. Nah! In this video, it shows several performances of Britney Spears live, live vocals, live performances okay peeps? I know for those haters of Britney, they will have a hard time accepting this fact but this is the truth. Britney Spears can sing live people. :) But then, I also don't deny the fact that Britney Spears does lip synch quite sometimes but that is maybe because she is tired of dancing while performing. Ya know, dancing for a song is tiring enough, imagine dancing for 10 songs. So, credit should be given to Britney for pulling over a great show. Whatever it is, her fans love her performances and love her for herself. If you look for vocals, you guys may go for Mariah Carey, Celine Dion or Leona Lewis okay? PEACE! p/s:Britney may not has the most powerful vocal in the world but she does best in what she in. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beyonce is Officially Pregnant. :)

Okay, if you have watched the VMA 2011, so, I assumed that you guys have already know that our favourite R&B star, Beyonce is pregnant! Congratulation Beyonce and Jay-Z. On the last VMA, Beyonce officially exposed her baby bump to the whole world and that signifies that she is really pregnant. The rumours is actually true. So, I wish Beyonce and Jay-Z the best for the child and hopefully, Beyonce will gives birth of a beautiful baby girl, just like her. PEACE!

VMA 2011 Winners

Hello peeps. Sorry for the late update. I was busy visiting relatives this raya season you know. Even tough I am quite disappointed with this year VMA due to the fraud of Britney's tribute, but never mind that, the list of VMA's winner is here and for us to know. Let's talk a lil bit about the nite shall we? Okay, first of all, Lady Gaga went to the award as her alter ego, Joe Calderone who is happen to be a guy(yeah, Gaga dressed as a guy that whole nite), Nicki Minaj dressed up in what she is best known for, as weird as Gaga's sense of fashion, Katy Perry also did one Gaga-ish accesory when she wore that yellow cube on her head. But, the biggest winner of the night is Adele who won more than three awards. Congrats Adele. For Britney Spears, she bagged two awards in total that night equivalent to Lady Gaga. Wanna know the full spread of winners? Keep on scrolling down people. PEACE!!
Adele: *Best Direction in a Video - Rolling In The Deep *Best Art Direction in a Video - Rolling In The Deep *Best Editing in a Video - Rolling In The Deep *Best Cinematography in a Video - Rolling In The Deep
Lady Gaga: *Best Female Video - Born This Way *Best Video with a Message - Born This Way
Katy Perry: *Video of the Year - Fireworks *Best Collaboration - Feat. Kanye West *Best Special Effects in a Video - E.T
Britney Spears: *Best Pop Video - Till The World Ends *Video Vanguard Award
Nicki Minaj: *Best Hip-Hop Video - Super Bass
Justin Bieber: Best Male Video - U Smile
Beyonce: *Best Choreography in a Video - Run The World(Girls)
Foo Fighter: *Best Rock Video - Walk
Tyler: The Creator Best New Artist
Maná — “Lluvia al Corazón” Best Latino Artist of 2011


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