Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A new video from Avril Lavigne is out just few hours ago as she uploaded her latest music video on Youtube today. The song called "Rock N Roll", basically because we know Avril is a rock chick so that's no surprise. This is her second single after "Here's To Never Growing Up". Let's talk about the music video. I really love this video. Avril is so freaking funny. This video is comic-influenced and it reminds me a lot to My Chemical Romance's " Na Na Na" music video. Sony Ericsson didn't also miss the chance to promote it's new phone in this video. All in all, the music is good, the video is great. I just love Avril Lavigne. So watch it now you won't regret. Total recommendation. Peace!

Lady Gaga Most Anticipated "Applause" Music Video

Lady Gaga has finally released the long awaited music video of her latest single "Applause". This marked as the first music video she released in 2 years. After a long break, Mother Monster is now ready to get all the applause. So the video was released yesterday and was premiered on GMA (Good Morning America).  Here's my comment on the video. Lady Gaga said it will be full of art and pop and basically she is not lying. The music video is so artsy. Gaga put on lots of outfits (which most of em are too exposing, to me). The song is Gaga-typical, very popsy and I like it when she does a little falsetto in this song showing her variety of vocal. So now we just have to wait for Katy's music video right? Anyway, I am suggesting that you watch it for yourself so you'll get a better picture alright? Peace!

P/S: Mother monster suggests us to watch in HD for better viewing pleasure. ;)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lady Gaga New Single "Applause".

Just yesterday Lady Gaga issued an emergency for the pop world. Due to the abundance of leakages of her new single from her latest album "ArtPop", she has decided to let the rumours down by releasing her single "Applause" today. It supposed to be released 8 days from now but Gaga just can't wait any longer. Just yesterday she urges all monsters to spread the word that "Applause" will air on US radio station today and internationally will follow. So monsters, the wait has ended. Now let's hail our mother monster and enjoy her music that we all have been long waiting for. Hit the play button and be ready to enter the world of Art and Pop of Lady Gaga. Peace!


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