Tuesday, January 25, 2011


As far as im concern, 2010 was a very brilliant years for the Korean Pop group teen artists. It started after the world has seen the cute, sexy, young and vibrant looking girls singing and dancing a very cute number in the song 'Nobody' by the Wonder Girls through the famous video hosting website, YOUTUBE. It made the world go 'nobody,nobody but choo' all time. From there, the 5 girls has been touring all over the globe to give the chance to the world to see them sing and dance those cute number live. And they didnt miss our Malaysia too.(How thoughtful:))Thanks to Wonder Girls for opening the door for the other Kpop sensation to wow the world,now the radio cant stop playing their songs and cant help but to have a segment for it.(hitz.tv)And 2010 is all about kpop. One after another kpop group introduced to the world..You name it, Girls generation, Super Junior, kara, 2pm, 2am, T-Ara, big bang, all has penetrated the global market and are now well-known to the world. After all,they are all about the face and not the voice. However, that does not apply to all, only some group have difficulties in singing live(not to blame them,singing while dancing is hard to do), some group like Super Junior is excellent in vocal performance. Some of them cant even sing live but go to hell with it. The people loves them. (i cant help but to love them too).

p/s: I love Girls Generation.

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