Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dayang Nurfaizah Previews New Single "Lelaki Teragung"

Hello everyone. ICYMI, our very own diva songstress, Dayang Nurfaizah just released her latest single "Lelaki Teragung" recently. In conjunction with the latest effort, I was among the few lucky people who got invited to a private live preview of this song by Dayang herself. Thank you Indigital management for that. Ok, moving on to the main topic. "Lelaki Teragung" is another powerful ballad adding up to Dayang's existing impressive ballad collection. According to the lady herself, the song was a challenge for her for few good reasons. First, the title "Lelaki Teragung" (The Greatest Man) is very heavy in a sense that she does not have any specific "Lelaki Teragung" to dedicate this song to. So, to find the right emotion to sing it was a challenge. I will say she did it super well! Another reason is of course, the arrangement of the song itself. Another powerful ballad very few singers can tackle nowadays so kudos to Dayang Nurfaizah for doing such an amazing job on it. 

For you guys, enjoy the live preview here exclusive on Raflurv's Blog. Peace!

P/S: Don't forget to drop by iTunes and buy the song ya. :)

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