Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" Album Review

Hello everyone. As you all know, our little sweetheart, Ariana Grande just dropped her latest solo album "Dangerous Woman" last May 20th. I know it's a bit late but Im gonna do a review on the album still knowing some of you guys might still havent listened to the whole album just yet. So with the album in hand, lemme start my review of the amazing album "Dangerous Woman".

Okay, the album comes with 15 songs and takes about 55 minutes for the whole album to play. The album debut at #2 failing to kick Drake's "View from the 6" from its top spot on Billboard 200. Hopefully the album will peak at #1 someday. So the album starts with "Moonlight". This is a mid-tempo ballad song showcasing Ariana's promising vocal abilities. Well everybody knows that Ariana can sing by now Im sure about that so this song is just another testament to that. The second song is my favourite song of the entire album, the ever-sexy "Dangerous Woman". This album-title song is Ariana telling everyone that she is a grown up lady. I just love how the song goes, the melody and of course how Ariana's voice perfectly compliments the song. Moving on to "Be Alright", this song is pop-generic kinda song. It's radio-friendly and catchy but kinda generic. Not my fav but not the one I dislike either. Next is my another favourite, "Into You". "Into You" is the second single from "Dangerous Woman" and yes, it is a good decision! "Into You" is catchy, energetic and radio-friendly. 

Talking about collabos, Ariana choose to stick with her bestie, Miss Onika Maraj or better known as Nicki Minaj in "Side To Side". It's a song with the touch of reggae music and music of the island. With Nicki on the track, this one can never go wrong. Not only miss Nicki, Ariana also collab with Nicki's boss, Lil' Wayne for "Let Me Love You". But sorry to say this Lil Wayne, Im not digging this collab. Moving on, Ariana brings back the retro pop era with "Greedy". Im basically having fun with this song a lot. I can imagine Ariana and her cute dance in the music video of this song later. Haha. Right after she brings retro pop, she collab with the diva of that era, Macy Gray in "Leave Me Lonely". This song is pop rnb kinda song, giving us the vibe of Macy Gray's. "Everyday" is another collab in this album. This time, hip-hop twist with Future. Typical hip-hop+pop kinda song but still enjoyable. Next is "Sometimes". To me, this is just a song to get by. You know, for you to listen to after a few good tracks, like okay we need to take a break and listen to a mediocre song. This is it. "I Dont Care" is a mid-tempo song, also another filler in the album but this one to me is a good one. It's kinda broadway in way and still pop-ish and Ariana-ish. Moving on we have "Bad Decisions". Just like the title, I think this song is a bad decision for Ariana. Lol. Ariana is fine tho only that this angst music dont really suit her gentle voice. Talk about head voice's and whistle's notes junky, "Touch It" is the one for you. I dont really like the song but I like how Ariana plays with her head voices and whistle notes in this song. Nearing the end of the album, the album features a two-songs-in-one track "Knew Better/Forever Boy". Honestly, I dont understand why the need to put two songs in one track like why dont you just make it two effing tracks right? Anyway, this track is not to my liking. It lacks climax in the song. It falls flat to me. The album closes with "Thinking Bout You".This is a slow song, kinda Ariana typical. It leaves a message of what kinda singer Ariana is. A good way to end the album.

So, now that I have listened to whole album, I will say I really enjoy it.  I dont feel like the album takes 55 minutes of my life. But to make a comparison, this album is nothing much different than her previous album "My Everything". It kinda go the same direction with about the same kinda music. And it hurts to say that, for some odd reasons I still hear Mariah in few of the songs. Im not sure why but it just happen. Maybe I fell for the hype that Ariana is the new Mariah bla bla bla. All in all, Ariana is still one of the best voices of this generation and she is one of a kind. I rate this album 4/5 and totally recommend this album for all pop lovers out there. Take a listen on Spotify and go buy her album on iTunes if you love it. Peace!

P/S: Maybe the next album, Ariana will give us colored album cover. Lol.


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