Saturday, July 16, 2016

Katy Perry SURPRISE New Song - "Rise"

It is an amazing NEW MUSIC FRIDAY as this week's Friday sees the release of new song from another mega pop star, Katy Perry other than Britney Spears. Just hours after Miss Britney Spears releases "Make Me" yesterday, Katy Perry uploaded the video of the new song "Rise" on Youtube followed by an official release of the song on iTunes. According to Perry, "Rise" will premiers on the coming Olympic game but sees a surprise early release this week. It's all good. The fans have been waiting for new music from Katy Perry for years now and this new song is really a relief for them. So "Rise" is an official music for the Olympic games so it is a good song to keep you going. It is very motivational. Take a listen to this song here and let me know what you all think okay? PEACE!

P/S: Im sure this gonna be Katycats new anthem! Roar 2.0. :)


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