Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello people. I have this one cool movie that I would love to share with you guys because it is fuc**** awesome!! Ok, the title of this entry told ya what movie am I talking about so let's just go to the review. First of all, this movie is an action movie, which is very obvious, involves a guy named Hopper who was quite a turndown but later joined the navy when his brother forced him to. Then they all went for navy's training, which they first thought gonna be an easy one until the grand appearance of those alien battleships. What interesting about this movie apart from its A+ actions scene is the special appearance of Rihanna. In this movie, Rihanna wasn't having that much dialogue but we can see that he character is not dead. She has it in her. She can act. Ok let's go through one by one. The CGI was awesome, the casts were awesome-r and the setting, the story-line was also awesome. You can expect action from the beginning of this movie till the end of the show. It is a total recommendation for those action-movie fans out there as you won't regret. This is the first movie I have ever paid to watch it twice in the cinema. Wasn't sure still? Ok, enjoy this trailer and you will change your mind right away. ENJOY! peace. :)

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