Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nicki Minaj's Wigs Specialist Quit

Nicki Minaj and wigs are inseparable. She even had one wigs specialist to design and managed all of her wigs but now she no longer have one. Nicki's wig specialist, Terrence called it quit after having few fights about the wigs with Nicki Minaj. Well that actually explains why Nicki Minaj didn't wear wigs during American Idols Live shows isn't it? I would say I love her more without her crazy wigs because she looks stunning with her own hair like on the American Idol. So Terrence, you actually quit at the right time. Haha. Let's recap few wigs of Nicki shall we?

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Kate Cruize said...

Nicki Minaj looks beautiful wearing this stylish wigs. She just look gorgeous in all way. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Looking forward for more article from you.


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