Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Perfume

Hollywood celebrities and fragrance line is no strangers. Loads of celebs from Britney Spears, J.Lo, P.Diddy to even Justin Bieber has ventures into fragrance industry and show success. This year, Lady Gaga unveiled her own fragrance last few months and this time, Nicki Minaj is brilliantly following the footsteps. 

The word has it that Nicki Minaj has unveils her first debut fragrance called "Pink Friday" and the words are true. Nicki Minaj tweeted to her millions of Barbz on Twitter unveiling the look of the fragrance bottle which is for me, probably the most unique bottle of fragrance ever (even Gaga's not as unique). The fragrance, which according to Nicki "smells like angels playing" is nicely contained by a bottle that can be said as "Little Nicki" as the bottle is designed to resembles Nicki Minaj herself. 

Together with the signature pink wig and a golden "Nicki Minaj" necklace, this fragrance is set to release on September at Macy's retailers and fans are confident the fragrance will be sold out. Looking at Nicki's popularity, I say I agree.

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