Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lady Gaga New Album : ARTPOP

Hey fellas.
ARTPOP, a simple word that would mean so much as it will be given a new definition from Mother Monsters, Lady Gaga. So Lady Gaga tweeted her picture with a new tattoo of "ARTPOP" located underneath her left arm with caption "ARTPOP" all caps. She also tweeted urging the people when mentioning her upcoming new album/project with all words capitalized as she says it's all in the details. There you have it. The title of her new upcoming album but what can we expect to see from her new album? But from the wall of her own social networking site,,the word ARTPOP could mean Artistic Revolution Through The Potential Of Pop but it is not confirmed. You know she just won't make it easy for you to guess right? After all, I know no artists who could make bigger and successful gimmicks than her so she will keep us guessing. From what I can predict from Lady Gaga's previous moves, maybe this new album will be more lively than "Born This Way". Maybe Gaga will even try a new genre of pop. But we can all guess but nothing is confirmed till Lady Gaga herself clear things up. Whatever it is, I'm sure this new album will be top album. No doubting that. PEACE!

p/s: Let's see whether songs from this album can beat Carly's Call Me Maybe as the longest  #1 streak on Billboard Hot 100 for female singer from Interscope. :p

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