Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Katy Perry Turns Down $20 Million Offer To Be American Idol Judge

Katy Perry, one of the current most popular artist in the world has confirmed action of turning down the delicious $20 million offer to fill the seat as American Idol Judge. The show's producer was hotly pursuing Katy Perry to join the show as judge and really wants Katy to be on the show but however ended up with a turn down from her. Rumour has it that Katy Perry wants $30 million instead of $20million to be the show's judge but how far it is true is yet to be confirmed. 

Miley Cyrus also can be eliminated from the list of potential judge of the American Idol as she was never seriously consider the offer. For that, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are said to have come to a close deal to be the next American Idol judge but it is yet to be confirmed as well. The only celeb confirmed to join the show as judge is Mariah Carey which earns $2 million short compared to Katy Perry's $20 million offer.

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