Saturday, September 8, 2012

VMAs Fashion Drama

MTV Video Music Awards or better knows as VMAs has successfully took place yesterday with One Direction and Rihanna win big that night. A lot of talk-about moments happened on the stage of VMAs but nothing beats the drama on the red carpet. So, let's see what the celebrities wore to the award last night. 

Let's start with the show-stopper, Miley Cyrus. Miley looks stunning in this black dress. Clearly she is proud with her new streamlined body  as it fit perfectly fine in this dress. The hairdo is another story. Miley once stirred the entertainment news by uploading the picture of her cut-short hair. Though the result wasn't that great at first but now her hair is surely look just nice. But I prefer Miley with her old fashioned long blonde hair. Looks sweeter isn't it?

However, unfortunately for Miley, she has to share the spotlight with Pink who did the same hairdo. Pink also chooses to wear a dress, fortunately of different colour. Nice to see the feminine side of Pink in this dress with gorgeous black heels. The dress looks decent and the grey colour really suit her appearance. Feminine yet still maintain the true character of hers.

Let's take a look at Rihanna, the one tha win big that night. On the red carpet, Rihanna rocks a white dress and debut her black short hairdo. Rihanna never fails us in terms of stunning hairdo as once she rocks the Bob, and this hairdo is not an exception. And don't you just love the red lip and waistline finishing. Simple yet classy.

Another A-lister who chooses to wear white that night is non other than Taylor Swift. Taylor explores her inner masculinity as she opt to wear a white tuxedo for the red carpet premiere. Like Rihanna, Taylor keep her lip red and rock it with straight blonde hair. The shoes completed the whole look.

Katy Perry also made it to the red carpet in a black,floral printed dress. Katy also dyed her hair black again to match the whole look. Overall the look is not that bad, she still looks stunning but I think Katy could have done better. Maybe a candy at the chest area? Haha kidding. Loves her anyway.

Emma Watson also joined the party last night and prefer a cute, minidress for the VMAs red carpet appearance. From what I can see, the minidress looks like it suppose to be young and fun but I can see it as a vase instead. Nothing against Emma, just I had that in mind. The hairdo is not impressive as well. Sorry Emma. But a credit should be given for her shoes. :)

Alicia Keys, after a long time being away from the limelight, is now back to where she belongs; in front of the camera. On the red carpet, Alicia wore a silver, one sleeve dress paired with diamond-shaped earring that also matches the rings on her fingers. The dress looks simple, not that outstanding but at least Alicia looks stunning in it. :)

Now let's take a look at the outrageous fashion on the red carpet. Who else can we expect to see it from non other than Nicki Minaj. So Nicki, who is now a yellow-head, decided to wear a black tight outfit with red line finishing and also a policeman kinda hat. She also didn't forget the signature pink lips. Overall, I would say Nicki looks better than she was in last year VMAs.

Another star with the out-of-normal look is done by Ke$ha. Ke$ha didn't look that "weird" that night but still she is different from other stars. So Ke$ha wore a skin coloured minidress with black flowers all over the dress covering the fabric. The bag looks like a bird nest though. The cutting of the minidress is not that flattering but her hair save her this time. 

For the boys section, sure most of you guys are waiting for these 5 hottest guy in the world currently. The biggest winner of the night, which bagged 3 moonmans, style themselves pretty much like always. Liam looks handsome in the suit with a casual hairdo. Louis looks pretty matured with the mustache on. Niall is the simplest around, just putting on some sweatshirts. Zayn is trying a new hairdo, which not that good actually but is okay. Harry is just the same old Harry. :)

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