Monday, November 26, 2012

Rihanna & Chris Brown Shirtless Picture

Well the relationship news about Rihanna and Chris Brown will never gets old would it? Just recently Rihanna made it clear that she is not dating anybody at the moment, including Chris Brown, the photo she uploaded on Saturday is however, giving us a different story. On last Saturday, Rihanna posted a picture of a  man lying on a bed which is clearly Chris Brown from the obvious tattoo on his back. On her way to Berlin for Brown's concert, Rihanna also tweeted "All alone in my big ole jet!! See you soon lover". Hurmmm, fishy isn't it? Though Chris Brown and Rihanna both denying the news that they are back together, their actions seem to tell us a different story. Well again people, it is all for you to decide. PEACE!

P/s: Do you think Rihanna should get back with Chris Brown?

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