Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rihanna: "I'm NOT Dating Anyone"

Superstar Rihanna has been said to date former boyfriend, Chris Brown again but she made it clear to everyone on Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday that she is NOT dating anybody right now. When Ellen asked, "You're not dating anyone right now?", she gave a simple answer "NO" making it clear that Chris Brown is just a rumor. Further through the interview, Rihanna was asked if she ever wanted to have kids one day and yah, she said she would, eventually and she added that she would like to have a full family. As Ellen pointed out, probably guys are intimidated to ask her out for a date,you know since she is so popular. Apparently it ain't easy being a superstar. There's a price you gotta pay for fame.Whatever it is, I just hope that Rihanna will find the right guy soon enough. Watch the interview with Ellen here peeps! PEACE! #RGBuzz

P/s: I hope she won't get back with Chris Brown.

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