Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Katy Perry - E.T is awesome!

Katy Perry, a gorgeous female artist who made name with controversial song "I Kissed A Girl" few years back is back baby. This time, she brings along her fellow alien boyfriend. haha. Okay, as the song titled E.T, basically the song is about love that is so foreign and out of this world as it comes from an alien. How sweet to know that we can even fall in love with an alien. :p A little info about this song is, it was penned by the famous Max Martin, a guy who made wonders for Britney Spears's albums. After the released of the official music video for this song, I immediately search for it and watch it. It was awesome. The highly anticipated music video was to me, a very good one and Katy still look stunning even with excessive amount of make up. Love her! The only thing that bother me about this song is the featuring artist is freaking Kanye West! Honestly speaking, I don't like this guy as for what he did to Taylow Swift on Grammy last time. But, nevermind, all is forgiven, and for the sake of Katy Perry, I still adore this song.Like!

p/s:I can't help but to think of Lady Gaga whenever I see this video. I bet you know why. :p

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