Saturday, April 9, 2011

Till The World Ends - Britney has done it AGAIN!

Hello peeps! Ever since the release of Brit's "Till the world ends", I've been looking forward for the music video to come out, and finally, it has arrived for our unquenchable thirst for Brit's flavor. This second single from her new album, Femme Fatale is very awesome. I just can't get it off my head and I just can't help but to watch the video over and over again. Okay, let's talk about the song a lil' bit. The song was written by Dr.Luke, Max Martin, Alexander Kronlund and the famous pop-star, Ke$ha and according to Ke$ha, the song is about a girl who keep on touring all around the world, having a magical night and can't stop dancing till the world ends. That's explained the date 21st December 2012 featured in the beginning of the video. The overall video has similarities with Brit's I'm Slave 4 U music video but, to me, Brit looks even more beautiful, seductive and cute in this video and the tune and dance moves are catchier. Whatever it is, I just LOVE this video! Wanna watch? Watch it here. Share your feedback with me. Thanks n peace people. :)

p/s:The music video is approaching 7 millions views(April 9th,2011). Like! Like!

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