Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lady Gaga copied Girls' Generation's song??

OMG!I've been doing some video search on Youtube of the Girls' Generation and just speechless of what I found instead. This video is featuring song 'Born This Way' from Lady Gaga and 'Be Happy' from Girls' Generation. Lady Gaga is claimed to copy Girls' Generation's 'Be Happy' song and make it her own with the popular track 'Born This Way'. By listening to both songs, I can't deny the fact that the similarities are there.

Fuhh. It is hard to believe that Lady Gaga, the talented pop megastar actually did such thing. Such a turn off. But, however, it is not proven that Lady Gaga had copied the song or whatsoever. Why don't you guys give it a listen and decide for yourself okay?

p/s: I'm a big fan of both Lady Gaga and Girls' Generation. So,don't really mind if they share the song.Hehe.But I'm also against copying without permission.That would be stealing.


Anonymous said...

Well, since Poker Face had its chorus 90% from Boney M's Ma Baker, every song of hers sounds suspiciously like older hits. So, that's not a surprise for me :)

RafLurv said...

wowww..really?i think Gaga takes her music influence way too much rite?


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