Sunday, May 1, 2011

Girls' Generation Latest Single "MR. TAXI" released!

Hello peeps! Done with my research, at least for the time being and I feel like updating my blog. Huhu. Okay, this new entry is about the latest single from the popular Girls' Generation or SNSD which is Mr. Taxi. Thanks to my friend Akhma, I came to know the existence of this new song. Huhu. I am always a fan of the Girls' Generation, so, whatever song from this female group is always my favourite. Mr. Taxi is of course not the exception. Again, Girls' Generation does fulfills my Kpop thirst as it is funky, up-to-beat, cute and every nice words you can say to describe the song. Why don't you guys give it a listen and tell me how do you guys feel okay? Peace!

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