Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr.Taxi music video released!

Girls' Generation has done it again people! With the released of the latest single, Mr. Taxi's music video, it shows that the popularity of this cute Korean artist is unstoppable. Mr. Taxi is full of cute girls(duhh), catchy tunes, seductive and addictive dance moves and nice video editing. :) I always love to see the editing of the music video of Girls' Generation as it is perfectly done to me. First of all, this video features the girls in two set of outfits, yellow and black which I can see the design is inspired by the Taxi drivers' outfit. I give 5 stars for the dance and the 4 starts for the video in total. The only thing that I want to comment is that, I think the video will be better if there is a story in the video. U know,Taeyeon want to get on a taxi or whatsoever.Huhu. But, all in all, I just love this video. Watch it here peeps. Peace!

p/s:Been watching this video non-stop. Truely addictive.

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