Thursday, May 19, 2011


So far, I've only watched 3 3D movies which are Resident Evil:Afterlife, Tron and Priest. Among this three movies, Priest 3D falls second best 3D movie I've ever watched. Priest was full of action, you know, as the story is about human versus vampires and a total recommendation for action movie lovers. Basically, the story is about Priest, the warrior among humans who fights vampires that attack humankind. After the war is over, the Priests are left behind and no longer considered important. However, the vampires strike back and destroyed few cities there are. And then the Priests come out to fight the vampires once again.
The main Priest was played by Paul Bettany(I never heard of him before) but he played the character very well and credit to Maggie Q also for her good acting playing the Priestess.
Priest, directed Scott Steward was an awesome movie and a total satisfaction for me. I rated this movie 4/5. Brilliant. For those who hasn't watch it, be sure you make it to the cinema near you. :)

p/s:For better experience, make sure you watch Priest in 3D. :)

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