Monday, June 20, 2011

Bieber's Fragrance!

Hello all Beliebers out there! Here is a great news for all of ya, especially for the ladies. :) Justin Bieber has released his own label of fragrance, and it is for her. The new fragrance called 'Someday' is targeted on teenage girls of the age 14-18 as that it is the main fan base of Bieber. Someday is supposed to have 'fruity gourmand' smell so you'll be smelling lots like berries, citrus and flowers. How sweet rite? Plus, the official website confirms that Bieber ''can't get enough of the fragrance making those who wear it irresistible''. Woooo..that surely gonna boost some sales figure rite? Anyway, thumbs up for Justin Bieber. PEACE!

p/s:Bieber is growing and no one can stop him. :)

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