Tuesday, June 7, 2011

J.Lo Sex-tape!

Hello peeps :)
The new judge of the popular reality show,American Idol is currently facing the problem that Paris Hilton is familiar with;Sex-tape! Amazing! J.Lo's first ex-husband, Noa filmed their honeymoon love footage back in 1997 and Noa is said to be dogging J.Lo ever since their marriage dissolved. What a freak.
Noa, with the help of Claudia Vasquez would love to share his intimate video with the Idol judge with the world but fortunately for J.Lo, the judge temporarily blocked her bid,saying that J.Lo is needed to sign off. However, source said that the video is not really a sex video,it just featured J.Lo in nothing(naked).

p/s: Warning to all,do not record any of your lovely time with your loved ones okay. Or else you might end up like our Idol Judge here. :p

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