Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Lantern 3D - Green With Envy,Not Eco-Green okay :p

Hey guys. Back with the latest movie review for my cute readers here. Okay,last night, Azril and I went to town to have fun(no one home -.-) so we ended up watching movie. As Green Lantern is the latest movie in town, we chose to watch it(been wanting to watch x-men btw but Azril has watched it already :( ) Directed by Martin Campbell and starred by hunky Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, this movie is as green as it can be(don't know what that mean but it sounded nice.hahaha). Started off quite excitingly, I was attracted to watch eventhough I wasn't that into the movie earlier(thanks to awesome 3D effects). A lil' bit about the movie, Hal Jordan(Ryan Reynolds) is a pilot at Carol's(Blake Lively) dad aircraft company and several dramas later, Hal was chosen to be the next Green Lantern, the first human ever chosen by the ring previously owned by Abin Sur. Then all is battle. Green is the power of will and Yellow is the power of fear. One thing that I'm sure about this movie is it definitely be kids' favourite. Huhuhu. I mean, power of will depend on your ability to imagine and you know how kids can imagine things right. My comment about Green Lantern is I love the main cast, hero heroin. Ryan suit Blake well. They look cute together. Wish the fighting scenes were more intense and wish they featured more of the Lanterns but the movie in whole was nice and okay to me. I'm satisfied with the amount I paid. Credit must be given to the 3D effects, those were very cool. Personally, I rate this movie 3.5/5. Peace!

p/s:Other superhero must be GREEN with envy now.HAHAHA.


fadlisabri said...


Hope i can watch this movie~

But now im in the Exam Mood!=.=~

Wih me luck okayy~=)

RafLurv said...

sure u'll find sometime to watch it fadli.n all the best for your exam. :)

Ahmad sharulnIezam said...

mmg terbaek citer ni.. bleh la dpt 4 setengah bintang.. haha..=)

RafLurv said...

ko dh tgok ke?xla best sgt..bese2 je


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