Sunday, August 28, 2011

Celebs Wax Figures - The Best and The So So Good. :p

Aloha people. :)
I've been google-ing all nite looking for photos of Hollywood celebs wax figures. As we know, wax figure is one way Hollywood celebs is being honored as to me, being immortalized in wax forms is a very serious way to honor people. So, throughout my searches, I can see there are tones of wax figures of our favourite celebs. But, some of the figures are not as the same as the original celebs. What a shame rite? I mean, if you wanna do it, why don't you do it properly. But never mind. Wanna see the figures yourself? Enjoy it here okay. PEACE!

These are 10 of the best celebs wax figures that I've ever seen based on the likeliness. These are the wax figures of the celebs okay. Not the real one! :)

1)Amy Winehouse

2)Lady Gaga

3)Robert Pattinson

4)Miley Cyrus

5)Justin Timberlake

6)Selena Gomez

7)Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

8)Gwen Stefani


10)Cameron Diaz

And here are among the worst celebs wax figures that I've came across. They look like a complete different person. What a shame!

1)Lindsay Lohan

2)Zac Efron

3)Tyra Banks

4)Christina Aguilera



Hafeesz Amran said...

yg obvious giler lain Lindsay Lohan

RafLurv said...

SUMPAH SETUJU! HAHA.Ntah lindsay mane la org ni tiru agaknye.


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