Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poor SooYoung, She Had An Accident! :(

SooYoung, one of the members of the popular Girls' Generation aka SNSD had an accident with a car yesterday. Poor SooYoung was on her way to an event, if i'm not mistaken was a voluntary kinda event when a careless driver crashed her car from the front. Luckily SooYoung is fine and still is the same bubbly SooYoung as tweeted by her family member. The bad thing is, fans of Girls' Generation especially SooYoung will not be able to see SooYoung performs on stage for several weeks as she withdrew herself from SNSD tour due to the accident. She is now undergoing treatment and we, the fans will keep on praying for you ok SooYoung. May you get well soon. :)

p/s: I'm very sure the driver who caused the accident regret his/her whole life for hitting the gorgeous SooYoung. Go arrest him/her SooYoung! :p


fadlisabri said... s0o young!!
nasib baek x ada pape terjadi!='(

RafLurv said...

haha..don worry fadli..sooyoung is okay. :)


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