Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mizz Nina Releases Takeover Music Video

The music video of the single "TakeOver" from our very own hot Mizz Nina has finally released yesterday(19th August 2011)on the MTVASIA(waiting for the relese on Youtube). The highly anticipated(for me) music video featuring the popular Flo Rida was shot Miami USA. To be frank, I have a very high expectation towards this video because, you know, Mizz Nina flew all over to Miami to shoot the video, featuring Flo Rida some more, so I just expect to see a Hollywood kinda video. However, that is not the case. I really don't favor the editing of this video, it is not smooth enough, the settings of this video are also as gaudy but fortunately, Mizz Nina's outfits are nice. Maybe my expectations were too high rite? HUHU. Em, but never mind then, I'm sure I will grow to love this video soon after several more watching. For those fans of Mizz Nina, don't forget to watch this video ok? Peace!

p/s:still love ya Mizz Nina.keep on shaking our music world! :)


pudenz said...

bestt .. seksaa

RafLurv said...

errrrr...ape yg seksa? -.-


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