Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Premiere "You and I" Music Video

Hey peeps.
The highly anticipated music video, "You and I" has been released by Lady Gaga for all her little monsters today. Gaga is known for her uniqueness and for that, she is what she is now and nothing else.
I have been wondering what will Gaga brings for us in this video and yah, I admit that this is not as extreme as I have expected. This is way more extreme. Haha. It is my mistake to actually think that I can predict Gaga. I mean, who can rite? LOLS. Okay, after watching the video, these are my comments.
I love the concept of this video, make us wanna watch it till the end. I love every outfits Gaga is wearing, credits to the designers, so fabulous. I love the transformation of Gaga from lady to a man! This is for those who accused her for having a penis before. In this video, she really has one. Gaga actually transformed into a man and a mermaid! Even though I don't really get the mermaid thingy but hey, that was cool! Haha. Enough said, I think all of ya should give this video a good watch. It worth your 6 minutes and 22 seconds guys. Watch it here and tell me what do you guys feel ok? Peace!

p/s:For those craving for more Lady Gaga, this video is a must-watch for all of ya!

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