Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Tunes From Leona Lewis - Collide

Been searching for the latest tunes from Leona Lewis and thanks to, I found it. Huhu. This is the latest music video from Leona Lewis, after her quietness in the music industry these past few years. This single "Collide" is the first single from Leona's third studio album, "Glass Heart". In this video, Leona looks stunning, she has grown prettier from her last appearance in "Echo". LOLS. Okay, my comment about this single is, I think Leona did great. She can definitely sing, no doubting that. But, honestly, I much prefer if Leona stays with tunes like "Run", "Bleeding Love" and "Happy". I mean, that kind of song will be able to show Leona's actual vocal capability. Huhu. "Collide" is lack of high notes, just a few that to me, is very easy for Leona. But, Leona Lewis justifies the song just nice. Leona Lewis fans out there, don't forget to give this single a good listen okay? PEACE!

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