Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nicki Minaj Releases Music Video of "Fly" featuring Rihanna

Few days back, Nicki Minaj finally revealed her music video of "Fly" featuring Rihanna. "Fly" is a brand new single from Nicki Minaj and this song is to me, can be regarded as an inspiring song with lyrics like "I came to win, to survive....". "Fly" is a very nice song, plus it featured the popular Rihanna to sing the chorus so this song just can't go wrong. Huhu. I love the music video of this song, it is nicely done, with a nice set, nice video editing and cinematography, nice effects, nice drama and nice outfits. I love the fighting scene between Nicki and the ninja-looking guys in black. Just shows us that Nicki is here to stay for years to come. But, as usual, Nicki's outfits are very Gaga-ish, weird-looking outfits, very not common to human but Nicki pull it off. She carries the outfits just nice, at par with Gaga. I think this song is gonna win the Best Collaboration of the year just like "Love The Way You Lie". The interesting fact about to this music video is, Katy Perry herself tweeted Nicki Minaj saying how she loves the music video. Awwwwww! How sweet of Katy Perry rite? Maybe Katy and Nicki should work together in the future. Huhu. Anyway peeps, enjoy watching the video here okay? PEACE!


Nafisah Ruslan said...

saya suka semua lagu2 rihanna :)

RafLurv said...

owh..peminat setia Rihanna rpenye.hehe.Rihanna cntik dlm video ni kan?


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