Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super Junior Alert! Shindong is now thin!

Hey peeps.
Do you know that chubby member of "Super Junior" Shindong? Well, you might kiss that good bye now as Shindong is no longer the old chubby Shindong but is now a SLIMdong as people are saying. Huhu. Shindong, through his diet has successfully reduced a total of 32.5 pounds from his original mass and now is as cute as other Super Junior members. Shindong released pictures of him with his new figures and mushroom haircut on the internet and seeing those pictures, yah, he looks a lot cuter and a lot younger. Like that members of SHINee don't you think? Huhu. Anyway, congratulations to Shindong for being slimmer. PEACE!

p/s' Guess the other members of Super Junior are now feeling threatened by Shindong's new figure rite? Rite Siwon? :p


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