Friday, September 2, 2011

VMA 2011 Winners

Hello peeps. Sorry for the late update. I was busy visiting relatives this raya season you know. Even tough I am quite disappointed with this year VMA due to the fraud of Britney's tribute, but never mind that, the list of VMA's winner is here and for us to know. Let's talk a lil bit about the nite shall we? Okay, first of all, Lady Gaga went to the award as her alter ego, Joe Calderone who is happen to be a guy(yeah, Gaga dressed as a guy that whole nite), Nicki Minaj dressed up in what she is best known for, as weird as Gaga's sense of fashion, Katy Perry also did one Gaga-ish accesory when she wore that yellow cube on her head. But, the biggest winner of the night is Adele who won more than three awards. Congrats Adele. For Britney Spears, she bagged two awards in total that night equivalent to Lady Gaga. Wanna know the full spread of winners? Keep on scrolling down people. PEACE!!
Adele: *Best Direction in a Video - Rolling In The Deep *Best Art Direction in a Video - Rolling In The Deep *Best Editing in a Video - Rolling In The Deep *Best Cinematography in a Video - Rolling In The Deep
Lady Gaga: *Best Female Video - Born This Way *Best Video with a Message - Born This Way
Katy Perry: *Video of the Year - Fireworks *Best Collaboration - Feat. Kanye West *Best Special Effects in a Video - E.T
Britney Spears: *Best Pop Video - Till The World Ends *Video Vanguard Award
Nicki Minaj: *Best Hip-Hop Video - Super Bass
Justin Bieber: Best Male Video - U Smile
Beyonce: *Best Choreography in a Video - Run The World(Girls)
Foo Fighter: *Best Rock Video - Walk
Tyler: The Creator Best New Artist
Maná — “Lluvia al Corazón” Best Latino Artist of 2011

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