Saturday, September 3, 2011

Britney Spears Can Sing Live! Here are the proofs!

Being bored late at night has made me browsing for videos on the Youtube and suddenly I felt like browsing videos of Britney Spears. There are a lot of voices out there pointing out how Britney Spears cannot sing live but this video I found here is a proof that, Britney Spears is not that lame; you know, to lip synch in every performance she in. Nah! In this video, it shows several performances of Britney Spears live, live vocals, live performances okay peeps? I know for those haters of Britney, they will have a hard time accepting this fact but this is the truth. Britney Spears can sing live people. :) But then, I also don't deny the fact that Britney Spears does lip synch quite sometimes but that is maybe because she is tired of dancing while performing. Ya know, dancing for a song is tiring enough, imagine dancing for 10 songs. So, credit should be given to Britney for pulling over a great show. Whatever it is, her fans love her performances and love her for herself. If you look for vocals, you guys may go for Mariah Carey, Celine Dion or Leona Lewis okay? PEACE! p/s:Britney may not has the most powerful vocal in the world but she does best in what she in. :)

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