Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 10 Best Vocalists

Hello again peeps. This time I wanna share with you guys the top 10 best vocalists in the music industry from my own perspective and yah, capability of them delivering song in front of live audience with live vocals. I've been watching videos of several great singers in the world and these 10 names are the one who leave me breathless and speechless listening to their great vocals. Some of the performances also gave me goose bumps. So, here are the top 10 vocalists peeps. ENJOY!

This X-Factor winner is undoubtedly a very talented singer. For people who say Leona sounds terrible, seriously dude, there is something wrong with your ears. Better go check okay? Leona Lewis never disappoint me every time, she always deliver! I got goose bumps several times hearing Leona singing "Run" live at X-Factor. Surely is the best vocalist to me! :)

American Idol Season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson is another vocal powerhouse in music world. She is undoubtedly can sing live, and she sing live perfectly dude. There is this one moment when my roommate, Azril asked me to listen to Kelly singing live in one of her concert. I certainly was blown away by her voice, I even think I was listening to a recording! Great vocal Kelly! :)

Who in Malaysia dare to say Jaclyn Victor is a terrible singer? I bet there is none cuz she is SO far from one. Our own Malaysian Idol here is a fresh of new air to the entertainment world of Malaysia and her voice is undeniably incredible. "Gemilang" proves that Jaclyn is one of the ultimate vocal in Malaysia and I bet very little singers in the world reach the pitch Jaclyn can reach. :)

If anybody disagree with this choice, I just don't have anything to say. You need help like seriously. Huhu. Celine is the Best Selling Artist in the world and she made it that far just because of her amazingly incredible voice, till now. Celine Dion is an icon when it comes to great vocals.

This is another Best Selling Artist in the world following Celine Dion very closely. I've seen few videos of Mariah performing live and I was amazed by it. With that rare 'whistle' voice very little can do, Mariah is undeniably a true diva.

Anybody don't know "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" song? Well, if you know it but you don't know whose voice is it, the voice belongs to this man people. Steven Tyler has a very great vocal that I personally envy and salute. It wowed me every time!

Listening to Avenged Sevenfold songs is always exciting, ya know, to try to copy M Shadows voice but never succeed. Huhu. Then, I watched M Shadows performs live during one of Avenged Sevenfold's concerts and my first impression was "I'm willing to pay for his concert's ticket" cuz I can't help but blown away by his voice. M Shadows rocks dude!!

Lady Gaga wowed me several times. The first time was when I saw she performed live at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gaga delivered "Poker Face" and she sang while playing the piano in a very awkward position! She stood on the chair and bowed to piano, played it and sang people! Gaga gave me goose bumps when I watched her performs "You and I" on The View. I just love her voice!

Fergie made me realized that she possesed a great vocal when I saw her performs in a concert that was aired on National TV where she sang "Baracuda" song. I was really amazed by her vocal projection and she also did a backflip while singing! Then was when I really approved that Fergie is a great singer!

This rival of Britney Spears(if they still are) is never in the losing side when it comes to vocal and live singing. Christina Aguilera possess one of the great vocal in the world that made her name being included in the top 50 of the best vocalists of all time in Rolling Stone. I only got one word, AGREE!


Saiazuan said...

jac is in the list? wow! i rasa gaga n m.shadow shouldnt be on the list.. try adele.. she has great vocal

Khairul Rahman said...

have u heard melinda doolittle from american idol? I like the way she control her voice..

btw, lady gaga? performance yes. vocal? I'm not sure..

Nafisah Ruslan said...

avenged sevenfold.. love them :)

ANIS ATEN said...

mane adele???

RafLurv said...

saiazuan:I put Lady Gaga on the list because she wowed me several times for having a very good control over her voice whenever she sings, even in the most awkward position normal people wouldn't be able to speak. Huhu. M Shadows has to me, the most powerful rock vocal ever. Btw, Adele is a very fine vocalist too. :)

khairul:never heard of her singing yet.huhu..sorry. :)

nafisah:Love them too! :D

anis:Adele is in your heart.hehehe.



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