Thursday, September 15, 2011

SNSD's Hyoyeon Is No Longer Having A Crush!

Member of Girls' Generation, Hyoyeon has made a shocking reveal to the world when she personally revealed in a variety show called "Strong Heart" that she has given up on the male idol she once had a crush on. Hyoyeon said, “I said that there was a male idol that I secretly liked the last time I was here, but I don’t anymore.” Hyoyeon continued, “I confidently confessed with an innocent intent, but that person somehow figured out it was him. After that, his actions changed. My ideal type shattered. [He's] not it anymore.” She later then revealed some more that she went for a blind-date arranged by a friend and said that she had a good time with the guy. However, due to an embarrassing incident at the restaurant, she is know no longer in contact with that guy. How pityful rite? Huhu. Anyway, to Hyoyeon, I believe when the time comes you will find the right guy to be by your side till the last breath. For that, I wish you all the best Hyoyeon. :)


p/s: I have one friend who like you Hyoyeon. Wanna get to know him? :p


Saiazuan said...

she's adorable ;D

RafLurv said...

and she is single now. hehehe. :p


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