Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hold It Against SAM TSUI!

Okay, to be honest, back then, i did't know who Sam Tsui is. Never heard of that name till one day, my roommate told me about him covering up Britney's latest song, Hold It Against Me. Before i go on any further about that, let me tell you a bit about this Sam Tsui guy. Sam Tsui is a Youtube sensation who posted numbers of videos featuring him and his partner covering up songs from Britney, Gaga, The Band Perry, Beyonce, Paramore and lot more. He has done quite a number of videos and has received over 110 millions views. Quite a number of views right? He was once featured in a popular talk show, Ellen Degeneres show and there he chatted about his success with Ellen. Okay, back to the story, the cover done by him was not bad at all as he cover the song in a complete different way than the original singer. Well, you are not expecting him to sing like Britney right? Haha.. To Britney's fan..check this video out. It's cool and worth watching. If you wanna check out more videos from this Sam Tsui guy, just go to Youtube and search for Sam Tsui.

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