Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strees + Back Pain!!

Fuhh....it's been quite a hell week for me so far right after my mid-semester break had finished. It started out with a major assignment to be submitted on Monday, the first day of the week. Gosh....this one particular assignment has benefited me with a back pain. To date, the back pain is still attacking me especially when i sit on the floor. It only kinda go away when I'm lying on my bed. But, the problem is i still have tones of work and assignments to complete, meaning to say i still have to sit on the floor to do my work(I don't have a desk with chair but only have a table and a cushion). Huhu. And now, I'm stress because i have to finish all those assignments by end of this week so that i can read books to enable me answering my tests on the next Monday. Or else, ill fail those tests and will be even more stress afterward. I guess this is life isn't it? You now what they say, "if life is hard, try death". :p

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