Sunday, February 6, 2011


Proton, after 25 years in producing cars has now evolved and revamped from a mediocre car producer to a brilliant car maker. Started off with Proton Saga 25 years back, Proton is now proudly stand with its new Proton Inspira, a result of collaboration with Mitsubishi and also Lotus. As a Malaysian, i am proud of what Proton has achieved so far as Proton is as young as 25 years. That is like the age of my sister. Haha. Proton Inspira is so famous and popular as it is number one fastest rising search queries in Google Malaysia 2010, beating up Apple iPad, Justin Bieber and also Facebook. Thumbs up for Proton. :)

By the way, the 5 concept cars of Proton are not bad at all either. Can't wait for the cars to launch.

p/s: Would love to own an Inspira. Huhu.

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