Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oops! She Did It Again!!

Britney has done it again people!! The pop-princess's latest music video, Hold It Against Me, of her latest single of her latest album is out now! I've watched it and can't help myself but to watch it over and over and over again. Britney look super cute in the music video when she is in the white dress and floating above the air that to me have futuristic elements in it. We just can't stop this pop-princess right? The video was directed by the infamous Jonas Akerlund, the one who directed 'Telephone' music video. To date(20th February 2011), the video has received over 7 millions views. OMG! Great job Brit. You have definitely did it again. Thumbs up for Britney. :)
Watch this video her peeps. Enjoy!


anis aten said...

go britney!!
i will always be with you..xoxo

RafLurv said...



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