Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top 10 Worst Movie of 2010!

I've been Google-ing all night long to search for gossips or interesting information to feed you people and this time, ive found a list of Top 10 Worst Movie of 2010. I haven't watch most of the movies here so i can't say whether i agree or not with the list but for you people who have watched the movies listed may comment about this list. The list goes like this :

1.The Last Airbender

2.Furry Vengeance

3.Little Fockers

4.The Spy Next Door

5.A Nightmare On Elm Street

6.Sex and the City 2

7.You Again

8.Valentine's Day

9.Cop Out

10.The Back-up Plan

Link :


azrilizuan said...

Valentine's day was a very sweet movies. Maybe who made the list was a loner and loser.

RafLurv said...

Haha...maybe he/she does not into love story.


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