Friday, February 18, 2011

Wonder Girls VS Jonas Brothers

Who among you people here never heard the popular NOBODY song by the cute Wonder Girls? Okay, i bet there are none because it was a phenomenon! Wonder Girls, thanks to the popular song, has been touring all over the world and currently active performing in the United State of America. That's quite an achievement don't you think? I mean, for Asian artists. To date, Wonder Girls has signed contract with the Jonas Group of the famous pop-tween band, Jonas Brother and also CAA(Hollywood's Creative Artistes Agency that is knwon to manage lots of artistes in the US lately. Honestly, I think the result of the collaboration of Wonder Girls and the Jonas Brother will result in magnificent outcome. Don't you think so?

p/s: Would love to listen to Jonas Brother singing Korean song. :p


LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

omg! really?
im guessing the opposite..
i cant imagine how this collaboration's gonna works, seriously...
but that's just one person..

RafLurv said...

really?haha..i like wonder girls,they can sing.and JB is fun.thnks for commenting btw :)


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