Saturday, February 5, 2011

Warning from God Almighty.

God has been warning His creations(humans) in various way. One of the most obvious way is through the natural disaster. Hurmmm.....lately, flood has been attacking people around Johore, Melaka, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. Among the four state of Malaysia, Johore is the worst affected among others. In Johore itself, several district were affected and the worst district affected was Segamat, my hometown. Around 50000 people were transmitted to the nearest City Hall as their house were drowned by the flood. It is said to be the worst flood ever happen since the last 2006/2007 flood event. Me myself was affected even though my house is safe from the flood. This is because the flood has drowned the main and only road for me to go out to town or anywhere else. So, my mid-sem break was nothing much but sitting and watching TV in the house. Luckily the TNB does not cut down the electric supply. If not, i would have rot in the house. Hahaha. Here are some pictures of the flood event that i managed to capture.

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