Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Special Entry IV: Happy Birthday To Me! :)

11th July 2011 was an awesome day for me as yah,it was my birthday. Hehe. I made this special entry here just to share with you guys about my experience on my special day. :) First of all, I would love to thanks probably the BEST Friends in the whole world for organizing a surprise "party" for me. I wasn't expecting any surprise to be honest because it was only 11 o'clock! Not even 12. Haha. So, I assumed that I was celebrated in advance then but never mind, I appreciate it so much my friends! :)

Here are the chronology for 11th July 2011:

...First, I woke up as usual. Nothing much happening that day. Woke up late as usual. Hehe.
...Then at the afternoon,my fren and I went to finish up our Law assignment and then went eating cake and late lunch at Secret Recipe. Still, nothing fishy happened at that time.
...After that, we went to Tesco just looking at some stuff. Fath wanted to but she didn't buy anything also. :p
...Then we went back.
...At night, everything was normal also. Still nothing fishy and then I went to have dinner with my roommate. Okay..while eating, I can see Azril having fun BBM with god knows who. Ignored it because why should I be rite? Hahaha. But what I didn't know was, Azril was actually BBM with Fath and Sapes about us eating and asked them to make preparations for the surprise. DAMN! I should had seen that.
...Then, otw back from dinner, Azril asked for my phone. I gave it without questioning anything. .The truth is, he asked for the phone for a purpose. DAMN AGAIN!
...When we reached home, Azril was getting busy and let me opened the door and this is when it gets dirty!
...I opened the door and I saw a rope at the door. Was actually weird with it. You know, why must there a rope at the door. Then suddenly Faris appeared from nowhere and catch me. I was like "WHAT THE HELL?" hahahaha. Then all of them came forward and that was when I realized I can't escape this time. Ghafar and Faris brought me to lamp post and tie me there. What a bullshit!
...Anis, Sapes, Kak Jah, Azril, Fath, Zam and Najmi were having so much fun laughing at me being tied to the post. BITCH! :p
After that, of course, I was celebrated with a mixture of water, flour, downy and "kunyit". Seeing the pictures here so you can guess that I had my revenge settled. Hehe.


anis aten said...

HAHHAAHA..seronok tgok diva kena ikat..kelakar!!

RafLurv said...

haha..mmg seronok.tnggu besday ko taun dpn aku cmpak dlm laut!

hyz said...

beznyer bezday party

anis aten said...

insyaAllah kalau kt same kampus lagi :P
campak laut?aku tau motif kau..keji!!

.faris. said...

seronok..... kene mandi tepung... heeee

RafLurv said...

thanks hyz..n faris..mmg seronok. :)thanks hyz..n faris..mmg seronok. :)

fadlisabri said...

happy bufday raf!!=)

RafLurv said...

thanks fadli :)

Edy Fee said...

style gler background
hurmm best giler suprise mcm ni..kene teruk pon tetap enjoy

RafLurv said...

thanks edy fee.mmg best pown.hahaha. :)


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